just a little cat nap... (squeezebox) wrote in the_real_crunk,
just a little cat nap...

Sleep tight.

Do you really think that dreams mean something significant? What are your feelings on psychics?

WARNING: Excuse my grammar and typing errors. It's 2:57 AM & I wish I was dreaming.

I don't know what dreams mean, but I always remember mine. I wish I wasn't as lazy as I am or I'd keep a dream journal & go to an expert who can help me define the ones I feel affected me deeply. Sometimes, I have terrible nightmares that can bother me for almost up to two weeks before I start to forget about them. Other times, I have really terrible deja-vu, and I can actually recall these dreams happening. I just want to hear your experiences with dreams & deja-vu.

As for psychics, I think some are real & some are extremely phony. Sylvia Brown amazes me sometimes. She said on the other side, everyone is 30. She also says the reasons why she can do readings is because everyone has a spirit guide/guardian angel standing behind them all the time & that's who she speaks with to find out about you. It seems so eerie, but not unbelievable.

This might just be a bullshit post to you, but I just want to hear opinions.
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