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So yeah.

General Information

yeah, I cut out some parts. lazzzyyy.

What do they call you? (Nicknames too): Haley is the name. Haleyface and Hales are the two most common nicknames.

When did you pop out into the world?: August 23rd, 1990.

How many years of life?: Fifteen and 5/12ths.

Current Eye color, Hair Color, & Skin Color: My eyes are a hazelish grey color, but they change slightly depending on the season. My hair is normally a version of black, whether it be dark black, or light black or just black black, but I've been lazy for the past 2 months and it's currently a shade of dark brown. And finally, my skin color according to Crayola would be a mix between peach and apricot. So basically yeah, I'm white.

Hometown/Current Location: My hometown is East Granby, CT. And I am currently located in my spinny chair in my room. Eeep.

Ethnicity & Background: I'm caucasian, and my background is mainly Irish and Scottish, but I like to make believe I'm a little Scandanavian; just so I can say my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents were Vikings.

Religion: I'm athiest.

Boy or girl?: Last time I checked I had two uneven titties and a pleasantly shaven vagina.

Orientation: I'm bisexual, and NO I'm not fucking bisexual for "attention". I'm bisexual 'cause I was made that way. I've noticed my attraction to girls when I was in the 7th grade. So word, deal.

Status: (if taken provide pictures): I am very happily taken by Mr. Keenan O'Connor. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year. And now I'm with Keenan, and he is the best thing that's happened to me. =)! (I don't currently have a picture since the only one of us is on Claire's camera. So once I get it, I'll post it.) So for now, here's a picture of him from like, last year. Yeah seriously Claire, send me that picture. Haha.
Yes, there is indeed half a globe on his head. =)

Siblings/pets?(provide pics if possible): I have one sister named Rebecca. She's a total bitch, but I love her anyway.
Html Skill on scale 1-10:: I'd say a 9.7.

Display your Taste FLAVA.

(Not necessarily FAVORITES. Just in general and in no particular order):
10+ Bands:
1. Deftones.
2. The Descendents.
3. Halifax.
4. HIM.
5. Ladytron.
6. Lydia.
7. Scary Kids Scaring Kids.
8. The Blood Brothers.
9. Mae.
10. Le Tigre.
11. Kill Hannah.
12. Jamisonparker. =( Even if they did break up.
13. The Astounding She Monsters.
14. Matchbook Romance.

3+Music Genres and Why:
1. Electronica - It makes me dance. It makes me sing. It makes me happy.
2. Indie/Emo - Lyrics. Feeling. I don't know. Shut up, it's good.
3. Rock - Whatever.
4. Punk - It's fast, it's loud, and it makes me want to dance.

4+songs and Why:
1. Halifax - Scarlet Letter Part 2. Because it's my favorite song to slowdance with myself to.
2. Gravy Train - You Made Me Gay. Seriously, download this fucking song. You will laugh your ass off.
3. Finch - What is is to Burn. - Amazing song. It's been one of my favorite songs since the first time I've heard it. I scream it at the top of my lungs when I'm home alone.
4. Deftones - Minerva. - Because Keenan introduced me to Deftones and this was the first song I heard my them, and it's just amazing. Just like Deftones.
5. The Descendents - Silly Girl. - This song is stuck in my head throughout every school day. I love it.
6. The Spill Canvas - This is for Keeps. - Beautiful song, go download it.

5+ Favorite Stores (or Brands) & Why:
1. Old Navy - Because I love their jeans and shirts and everything.
2. Journeys - Buying new shoes should become a sport.
3. Toys R Us - ...What?
4. Target - Just for anything.
5. Walmart - Again, just for anything.
6. GLO jeans - 'Cause they're tight and accentuate my ass.

6+ Things that Bother you the most & Why:
1. When people say: "Idear." Instead of "idea."
2. Liars.
3. Gossip.
4. Drama.
5. When people call me "goth".
6. "Haley, make me a MySpace layout!221!!#"

6 Things you want to do before you die & why:
1. Go to Cirq De Soleil. Again. Because it was my number 1 thing I wanted to do before I died until I went this October; and I'd go see it again 8349 more times. It was the most amazing experience, I reccomend you guys go see it.
2. Piss all over my neighbor's doorstep. Because he's an asshole and doesn't wave to me in the morning when I wave at him.
3. Feel like I've lived. Because why go through life feeling like you didn't live?
4. Learn to play an instrument. Because I'm a lame-o non-talented sleeze.
5. Break my record of 6 pizza slices in a minute. Because I'm a fucking loser.
6. Buy every single eye pigment MAC has to offer. Because it'd give me something to do, plus, who DOESN'T want MAC eye pigments?

4+Favorite Books:
1. The Lovely Bones.
2. aklsd
4. To be honest, I rarely read books. So, sorry.

4+ Favorite Character Traits of People:
1. Humor.
2. Kindess.
3. Outgoing-ness.
4. Honesty.
5. Trustworthyness.

2+ Personal Flaws:
1. I definately have uneven boobs.
2. My fingers are fat.
3. I have 80/20 eyesight.

2+ Things you like about yourself:
1. Eyes.
2. My face I guess.
3. My personality. I sound cocky. Gross.

5 things you like:
1. Keenan.
2. Cuddling.
3. Coloring.
4. Computer.
5. Claire. =)

5 things you dislike:
1. Olives.
2. Being disliked.
3. BBQ sauce.
4. Lying.
5. Nightmares.

One favorite verse from a song:
It feels good to know your mine; Now drive me far - away, away, away. - Defontes - Be Quiet and Drive.

What would you do if a loved one became a zombie?
Claire, what is your problem? Why is this question here?!

Look at the past forums list in the sidebar and tell us the first three forums you’d plan on commenting on if accepted. (If your accepted and don’t comment on them; you get kicked out.)
Well uh, the sidebar is all fucked up right now. But I guess any ones tat I have an interest in or that i can relate to and ahve a strong opinion on. Duh.

How active in communities are you on a scale 1-10
Ehh... 8.

How did you hear of us and what made you apply?
Welllll. Claire.

Display your Taste FAVS.

Actor & Actress: Julia Roberts and Russel Crowe.
Holiday: My birthday.
Food: Smores PopTarts.
Color: Turquoise.
Animal: I'm an animal.
Weapon: Words.
Sin: Sex.
Person(s)(provide pics):
1. Keenan.
2 and 3. Claire & Jared.
4 and 5. Liz & Sam.

Share your Mind.

Write at least two sentences about each of the following topics. Be opinionated. Don’t say “idk”.:
Animal abuse/Cruelty: Animal abuse is totally wrong. I always watch that Pet Cop show on Animal Planet, and it disgusts me how cruel some people can be that cruel to a living creature.
Pre-marital sex: Go for it. Seriously. Just be safe. It's human nature to want to.
Pornography: I wish women and men wouldn't exploit their bodies in asuch a manner, but whatever. Watch it if you want. I personally think it's pretty gross.
Abortion (pro choice/life): I am pro choice. And I am also too lazy to put up an argument. Just know that I'm pro choice and believe women should have the right to choose if they want to keep the baby or not.
Virginity until marriage: Why? It's human nature. I mean... go for it and wait if you want, but I really don't see why someone would do that. If you want to wait until marriage, please comment with your opinion because I want to hear it. =)
Religion: If you want to believe in a higher power go for it. I have nothing against any type of religion. Believe what you want to.

This or That?

(Feel free to say why on any.)
Cologne or Perfume?: Perfume smells better to me.
Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers.
Thongs or Boyshorts?: Thongs.
A boy' kiss or a Girls Kiss?: I like them both equally.
Love poem or Necklace?: Love poem.
Fat but pretty or skinny but ugly?: Fat but pretty.
Republican or Democrat: Democrat.
Ren or Stimpy?: Neither, I actually don't like that show.


If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why: I'd be Patty Mayonaise from Doug, just so my last name would be Mayonaise.
What three bands would you have play if you could host your own personal private concert: DEFTONES, Matchbook Romance, and Brand New.
Who do you admire? My Furby.
Name 5 celebrities that are on your “OK to cheat with” list:
[001] Jake Gyllenhaal.
[002] James Marsters.
[003] Heath Ledger.
[004] Ville Valo.
[005] Don Vito.

What makes you:
[happy] Being with Keenan. Keenan in general.
[angry] James. (My ex.)
[sad] James. =/
[excited] Music.

MAKE US LAUGH. Tell a joke, show us a funny pic, anything to make us smile:

I don't know.


3+ Your face:

1 picture of Who you wishes you looked like. (Tell why):

I really don't want to look like anyone.

2+ funny pictures (of you):

Artistic & Random Self PortrAIts.(no more than ten please, remember to resize it medium):

Yeah, I'm fat. Get over it. This pictures hella rad though, don't deny it.


Suck Up

Suck up to the Mods:
You're the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out. I consider you my best friend. Eeep.<3
Haley: Hey, mama. ;)
Marjy: 'Allo pretty gal. Why haven't we met yet? We must!
Jess: You know I love you, dahlin'. You're beautiful and amazing and energetic. Rawr!
Praise the community: I love you, community.
Whose the hottest member? snugglydancer
What member reminds you the most of yourself? None of them actually.
Which mod would you want to full body massage the most? Claire, no doubt.

So yeah. Would you've voted me in or out? Haha.
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