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If this is tragic, give me tragedy

New. But not. So yeah. IM A MOD.

Oh yeah. This is the old application. But you can get over it, I hope... Some things are slightly different though.idk just yeah
General Information

What do they call you?: Margaret
How many years of life?: 15
Current Eye color, Hair Color, & Skin Color: Blue, Brown, ...i like to think of myself as tan
Hometown/Current Location: Concord, MA
Ethnicity & Background: Irish
Boy//girl: Girl
Orientation: Sexually? Strait. Or straight.
Status: (if taken provide pictures): Single
Html Skill on scale 1-10:: Hm...8 maybe? I can suit my needs...

Display your Taste FLAVA.

(Not necessarily FAVORITES. Just in general and in no particular order):
10+ Bands:
[uno] Ben Kweller
[dos] Bright Eyes
[tres] Phish
[quatro] Jamison Parker
[cinco] The Spill Canvas
[seis] Cat Stevens
[siete] Harry And The Potters [LOVE]
[ocho] Bob Dylan
[Nueve] Dispatch
[Diez] Simon & Garfunkel
3+Music Genres and Why:
[1] Experimental Indie
[1why] Its so different, and new not like everything you always hear
[2] Jam
[2why] easy to relax to, don't need to pay attention to it,
[3] Heartfelt Acoustic
[3why] yeah not really the name of a genre...but i like acoustic with pretty lyrics, gentle, because its so beautiful
The Funniest Joke you know & Why it makes you laugh:
[joke] abcdefghijklmno_qrstuvwxyz UHOH!! wheres the p! its running down my leg!
[why] hahaha...not that funny...i got it from awaymessages.com... and i think its a gas
5+ Favorite Stores (or Brands) & Why:
[1] Abercrombie
[1why] a source for my eternal preppiness. Classic Prep
[2why] because i got my classic wardrobe pieces there (aka barney sweatshirt) that are unique
[3] Oonah's
[3why] Vintage store in harvard square- sells really cool OUT THERE type of things
[4] Victoria's Secret
[4why] Because i like to think of my self as a sexual being...
[5] Marshall's
[5why] For times when im just not that loaded and feel like looking like i wasnt awake when i picked my outfit (jk marshalls has some great buys, just the majority of there stuff is like...uhh are you JOKING ME?)
6+ Things that Bother you the most & Why:
[1] When people sit to close to me
[1why] i need my own god damn personal space!
[2] When people eat fruit and i can smell it
[2why] because fruit sucks, and i have OCD attacks around it.
[3] When people touch me with hands that have recently touched fruit
[4] When i tell people i hate fruit, and then PERSIST to CHASE ME with fruit
[4why] Do you really think thats FUNNY?
[5] When the teacher erases the board but misses a spot
[5why] is it really THAT HARD to erase ALL of the board?
[6] when my hair is staticky
[6why] becaues it makes me angry inside.
5 Favorite people & why:
[person1] LAUREN
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-one on right-
[why:] i dont know. she's lauren. shes hilarious, and intuitive and shit.

[person2] CLAIRE
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[why:] shes really beautiful, even if she disagrees, she is alot different then the rest of my friends because shes a free spirit...haha
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[why:] because she does awesome, hilarious, things that crack me up

[person 4] marisa...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[why:] She is extremely random, and a slight bit MENTAL as well as so ADD/ADHD and OCD. that i just love her.

[person5] Megan!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[why:] Because she has hilarious stories, and i dont know i am getting bored of saying whyyy!

6 Things you want to do before you die & why:
[thing1] get dread locks
[why] i just think its an experience everyone should have under there belt..
[thing2] meet Kelly Clarkson
[why] because shes such a motivating song writer, she has inspired so much change in side myself
[thing3] Change my name for a day to something extremely random
[why] because margaret banfield is a terrible name
[thing4] Shave my head
[why] fuck hair.
[thing5] find god
[why] ...because where the hell is god, anyway...
[thing6] creat a really elaborate maze, with lots of a hampsters and watch them run around it
[why] because it would be really fun to watch.

4+Favorite Books:
[1] the perks of being a wallflower

[2] catcher in the rye

[3] the bible

[4] the dictionary

4+ Favorite Character Traits of People:
[Im not sure if those were words I was making up or not]

2+ Personal Flaws:

One favorite verse from a song:
Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust
Not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you......
I am afraid

...hahah...but really...>>

When the president talks to God
I wonder which one plays the better cop
We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke
No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't
Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke
That's what God recommends

When the president talks to God
Does he ever think that maybe he's not?
That that voice is just inside his head
When he kneels next to the presidential bed
Does he ever smell his own bullshit
When the president talks to God?

Share your Mind.

Write at least two sentences about each of the following topics. Be opinionated. Don’t say “idk”.:
Animal abuse/cruelty: It's basically terrible. I take biology and a man came in to talk to us about medicine and things like that and somehow he got onto the subject of make up and he said "well of course I am against testing on animals, but they don't have their own individual rights so it's the only way to go" and the room was so quiet. But that's true. The only reason they are tested on is because they can't stick up for themselves and don't have rights.
Industry & Materialism: Most greed sprouts from possession, and many problems sprout from greed so in essence materialism is bad. But however so many people say that when there is so much emphasis put on brands of clothing and amount of money spent on things that it becomes the focal point for alot of people (including me) and the real point is missed.
Environment.: We are fucking up our environment, maybe it doesnt effect us RIGHT NOW, but next generation it will effect them, and they didn't even do anything, i think we should stop imposing problems for people who aren't even born yet. What I also think is terrible is that if we could harness all of the solar energy for two days we would have enough energy for the whole world for millions of years, and there are so few attempts to do that. however say we find a way to capture all the energy from the sun (pretty difficult) we would only be able to use about 30% of it, because no system is 100% efficient, even the human cell which is much much much more efficient than any human made device.
Abortion (pro/con): Pro, there are so many reasons that a woman should not have to or can not care for a baby that it should be her own decision whether or not she has it, not the legal systems. Also I am not sure I personally could have an abortion, for alot of reasons, and there are alot of people who morally don't believe in abortion, but it isn't shouldn't be up to other people to decide that specific person who's having a baby's moral system. If that made sense.
Religion: My stand point on god: He/she/it/whatever/bakdfds doesn't exist. But I definitely understand how people believe God does, and even if he doesn't I think religion had a very positive effect on history, but recently (past 100-200) years religion has caused so much more pain and warfare and everything than should ever have occured and that makes me sad.
Drugs & Alcohol.: I don't know. Part of me thinks "do whatever you want it's your body", but another part of me thinks that yeah at first you could start out being responsible but I mean aafter your judgement is slightly impaired so many bad things could happen that you can no longer be respopnsible for. Oh andd yeah I personally don't drink or do drugs.
Sex: I love my virginity. I am not ready to have sex. But alot of people out there are, have good situations with good partners(?), and it is a wise decision. Someteimes I think sex is way overhyped, I mean it is really simply a way to recreate, which for alot of people feels good but I think that people make a huge deal out of it, and by making a huge deal out of it could be the origination of rape (because rape is really about the power of controlling such a huge important even rather than the sexual part, in my belief). So I think people should chill about how important sex is, but make sure they fe el comfortable with whatever is taking place. I really am not gonna say "you should love eachother", even though I want to be with someone I love when I first have sex, I think the important thing is you are ready and comfortable with what is about to happen.
Gay rights: There is nno different between 'gay' people and 'straight' people. gay people should be able to love and marry whoever they want and people should stop discriminating against them. i think its understandable if you believe mariage is between a man and woman, but i dont think its ok if you dont like someone because they are gay.
Politics in general: More to the left, but can see both sides, definitely. I dont think the way we decide who to vote for should be by what party they represent, but more how much you agree with them onthe issues. I also think our two party system has increasingly divided our nation and has had a negative effect.
Being different and Standing out vs. Fitting in.: I think you should be who you are and if thats different thats really awesome, but if its the same as everyone else thats ok to. I dont think you should contour who you are to be different and stand out, or to fit in. However who some people are is simply they enjoy being different and that's great to.
Suggestions to improve this community: no. I love it.
Why you think you should be accepted: Well I am accepted and I am a mod.

This or That?

(Feel free to say why on any.)
Cologne or Perfume?: Cologne
Boxers of Briefs?: Boxers
Thongs or Boyshorts?: Boyshorts
A boy' kiss or a Girls Kiss?: Boy's
Love poem or Necklace?: Love poem
More school work less homework or vice versa?: MOre homework less school work
Go to school later get out later or both earlier?: go to school later get out later
Fat but pretty or skinny but ugly?: fat but pretty, what kind of a fucking question is that. CLAIRE TAKAE THAT OUT.
Republican or Democrat: democrat-ish
Ren or Stimpy?: i dont watch the showhhah


3+ Your face:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1+ Your eyes: donthave any

Your best friends (no more than 3):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1 picture of Who you wishes you looked like. (Tell why):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
shes really pretty and original looking, oh and yeah its just sparkling apple cider hahah.
2+ funny pictures (of you):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Artistic & Random Self Portriats.(no more than ten please, remember to resize it medium):
what? i dont have that much free time. ill do it later: but t his is what i look like in my head:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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