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Okayyy sorry; but i HAD TO start another forum.
The other day i got this insanely rad book called "Instant Karma".
Its just a list of 8,2774 (some long number)little things you can
do to "increase your karma."

In a religious sense; karma is what helps
you go on to the next life whether its higher
or lower. blah blah.

(Its also a bhuddist theory .)

Karma can also be just an
"act or a deed" Whether its
good or bad.

You've probably heard the saying
"what goes around comes around"

I believe in karma in that sense.
I havent actually seen the movie, but
i heard about the movie "pay it forward"
with Haley Jole Osment.

Its where the kid writes out a formula where
"If he did a good deed for three people, helping them accomplish something they couldn't do on their own, and they each "paid it forward" by doing a good turn for three other people, the acts of kindess would multiply and gather momentum. That first good deed would be a lone pebble that pings down a mountain and sets in motion a thundering avalanche. "

Yeah you get it.
I really believe in that.

But in a more realistic sense i think karma can
"come around" in the sense that if you do
anonymous good deeds; you feel better
about yourself. Good karma can be anything from:

*Feeding a strangers parking meter
*Slipping a note that says i love you into
someones backpack and never telling them
*Purpousley letting the other person win
the board game.

I think when you do people favor and have
to tell them; it becomes this weird point
system, and alot of the beauty is sucked out.
Karma shouldnt be this thing where
you have to win or beat the system.

So yeah. Think about that.
I have more to say about the subject
but ill say more in comments.

This is a forum on.

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