just a little cat nap... (squeezebox) wrote in the_real_crunk,
just a little cat nap...

I want to tell you guys a story that happened today at my friends house in Philadelphia.
This lady comes up to my boyfriend & asks what's the point of piercing & gages. Vincent asks her why she likes her hat. Then she goes, "Your mother lets you out of the house like that?". Vincent explains to her that she's lucky he doesn't tell his mom because his mother would put this lady through a window.

With a few ignorant comments("piercings starting because of homosexuality & for sexual pleasure. i did research, etc."), everyone was on the verge of fist fighting. This 42 year old woman was fighting with a 16 year old. Then, we get kicked out because everyone thinks this is our fault, because we're "the freaks". As we leave, the lady's husband says something to Vincent about eyeballing him & to fight him outside. Vincent gives the guy the finger. The lady says, "COME ON BACK YOU PUSSY,". So, then this huge guy hits the dude & big ruccus breaks out & we make out exit.

I tried talking to this lady earlier, before the fistfighting, in a civilized manner & she apologized for offending Vincent, my friend Jim, & I, but still insisted that piercings started because of homosexuality. Fine. I just told her that she didn't have the right to say anything about the way a mother raises her child. I explained to her that body modification is more accepted now & a lot of parents are accepting their kids for WHO THEY ARE. Then she agreed, but then later, seemed to disagree as she causes a scene. Trash, pure trash.

I know that this story is really sketchy, but that's only because it only happened a few hours ago, and I'm still crazy. I apologize.

When does curiousity start to cross the line & become ignorance? When does ignorance become cruel? What's the point of explaining something to someone who doesn't understand?
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