sammi (surfside_dreams) wrote in the_real_crunk,

smile for the camera - paparazzi forum

decided on a new forum : the paparazzi?

is it right? is it ethical?

sure, they have the right to do all of this but is it okay for them to invaade certain celebrities lives to the point of telling the public names they check in under when staying in hotels, to crashing into celebrities and their vehicles (a la Lindsay Lohan).

Is a job where a person memorizes liscence plate numbers, pays personal relatives or workers of the celebs for tips, and hire every form of transportation imaginable to get "that shot," okay? do they make the journalists snapping photos on the red carpet look bad?

should it be okay for them to release photographs of celebrity's children without their permission?

do we really need to see reese witherspoon entering the gym or mary kate olsen buying starbucks?

but do publicists have any right to control them? and is it normal/healthy that the public buys into it so much?
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