dont_believe_x (dont_believe_x) wrote in the_real_crunk,

MOD//Maintanence suggestions.

I dont know what to do about the point
sytem. Theres no way i can keep track of
it. It would mean id have to constantly
be checking all the past forums blah blah.

Plus i cant do math.
Which doesnt help.

So idk.

Im thinking about getting
rid of it. But i need to replace
it with some other kind of insentive
for postig, voting, promoting and being active.

Plus i want to have SOMETHING in the app about
making a banner and promoting for maybe and
extra yes or something.

Im thinking about getting rid of the
members links in the sidebar. Its kinda
pointless, and as we get more members and
more forums, im running out of room for the
side bar. haha.

Plus i need to work w. Jak on the
online zine thing. but i need to fix
alot of the communities flaws first.

Idk. Tell me what you think.

In fact this is going to be the forum for :

The Real Crunk Maintenance Suggestions.

go crazy; we wont be offended =D
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