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This is really need.


Something to be proud of? Or is it something anyone can do? What's your take?

First, let me start off with my introduction to straight edge. I was 14 year old freshman. I was listening to Coheed&Cambria & hanging out with my friend Matthew(age 13). Soon enough, Matt was out the door because Andrew had called saying he got the coke. Andrew lives about a mile away. Literally, 2 minutes later, Andrew calls asking if Matt left, and then tells me, "Nevermind, he's at my front door,", which is sickening.

Now, Matt was doing K, coke, pills, & heroine. Then, one day, Matt woke up. He realized he didn't need this. He made a huge turn around. He took summer school courses that weren't required just so he could be able to take Physics his junior year. It was truly amazing to watch him change so much & for the better. He then claimed straight edge.

Straight Edge; a popular term used to describe an offshoot of the punk movement. It means a "clean" lifestyle. No drugs, no alcohol, and no PROMISCUOUS sex. This lifestyle is centered around personal growth.

Things about the term STRAIGHT EDGE people get misunderstood:

-There are NOT any hard rules because it is about PERSONAL development. They are for the individual to decide.
-No sex? Most of the straight edge kids I know do not follow this rule, although they do not whore themselves around. They only sleep with people they truly care about, but again, this is for the individual to decide.
-This is not a religion. Everyone says, "It's a trend, wait until you're 21,", and I can't deny the fact that I haven't noticed how popular it is getting, but so what if it's a trend? It is promoting a healthy lifestyle with no consequences that can permanently harm your body.
-It also has to do with eating habits. Not just drugs.
-XXX. Funny because it used to stand for pornography. Time changes things. The popular "X" on the hand when you go to shows still stands today. That's where these X's strive from. This "X" was to mark underage kids so they weren't able to buy alcohol in venues.

Ruth Horner said "There's just such a TREMENDOUS social pressure to
drink, do drugs, and so on. Society says 'just say no' but what does it
matter, once you turn 21? Or at least become an adult. Then it's just
an accepted form of 'recreation.' By then it has become an accepted
'addiction' as well. Look at how prevalent alcohol and tobacco and
negative sexuality are in the media, not just commercials. it's a big
part of our culture, particularly youth culture. Where does it end you

"That's right. No where fast. I just don't understand. From what I have
heard, hangovers suck. Watching your life fall apart sucks. It's just
not fair o yourself, or anyone else around you that loves you to take
such a risk and purposely deny yourself the privilege of being healthy.
Health isn't a privilege, it's a given. It doesn't FEEL good to have
hangovers. It doesn't FEEL good to OD. It doesn't FEEL good to go
through withdrawal and it most certainly doesn't FEEL good to have
AIDS! So why don't today's youth learn from example? I did. A lot of
others out there have too. But for some reason, the ignorant are still
out there.

"You just have to learn to stand strong against it all. Stay true to
yourself. Find alternatives. Personally I find that I get a high from
going to shows. Just the ROAR of the guitar, and the RUSH of the drums
feeling the sweat drip from my face, being squashed by the others around
me. I find THAT exciting!!

"I don't think I'm any better than anyone else, I just think I'm being
smart. And if you have a problem with that then tough."

Don't deny your RIGHT to be healthy.

Now, now. I want you all to know that I am not straight edge. I do fall into the category of the "occasional drinker" & a "smoker", but I'm not one for hangovers or cancer. I like the slight buzz every now & then. I like to smoke. I'm just waiting for the courage & willpower to refuse alcohol & cigarettes. I'm praying for myself & for everyone I know around me that has head down that path of destruction. I'm sorry if I'm preaching, but it's how I feel.

So, how do you feel?
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