dont_believe_x (dont_believe_x) wrote in the_real_crunk,


Im starting a forum.
But at the same time im
really asking for help.

Because im scared im fucking
up my life.

Today i went to the mall with my family.
I almost did something really stupid.

PreHistory: I used to be a CHRONIC shoplifter.
Id steal anything that would fit in a bag.
I was pretty good at it too.

Then once i was in a really tiny store.
And i guess i had gotten too used to my
success and overconfident; but i misjudged
the storekeepers and blahdy blah blah.

Yeah i ended up getting caught, my mom had to
come get me; i was almost sent away in a cop car;
but i was a minor, and the store didnt have a strong
shoplifting policy because it was an independently owned store.

I was basically really lucky.

Theres such a hard penalty on shoplifting these days.
If your caught, something like that is basically IMPOSIBLE
to wipe off your record. And if its on your resume you
can basically forget being hired.

My boyfriend has been helping me stop; but i feel
like im addicted. Everything in malls is so expensive
and sometimes its just soo easy. I dont know what to
do. Whenever im in stores i get these nervous panic
attacks where my stomach starts churning and i start
getting hot and sweaty. Its so retarded. I almost stole
today. But i somehow stopped myself.

my boyfriend gets really pissed at me if i try;
and he's doing everything he can to get me to stop.

But sometimes i feel like stealing from big corporate
store chains is so harmless and so pleasing.

is stealing and shoplifting the same thing?

Idk. I just want to hear peoples experiences, advice and opinions.
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