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General Information

5 intro sentences about yourself: I spend most of my time with my friends/family. I live life to the fullest. I have very strong opinions about certain things and I don't hold back while discussing them. I LOVE music, I can listen to almost anything. I have BIG plans.

What do they call you? (Nicknames too): Lynn, I don't have any nicknames.

When did you pop out into the world?: January 9th

How many years of life?: 14

Current Eye color, Hair Color, & Skin Color: eyes-green, hair color-brunette, skin color-white.

Hometown/Current Location: Hometown- North Reading MA. But I live in Dracut MA now.

Ethnicity & Background: My family is Irish & French Canadian

Religion: Catholic.

Boy//girl: girl

Orientation: straight

Status: (if taken provide pictures): single

Html Skill on scale 1-10:: probably around a 5, but I'm improving :]

Pets. (pictures are awesome.): 6 cats. I dont have any pictures on my computer.

Your username and what it means/why you picked it: lynnlynnlynn, it's just my names three times. And it's almost the same as my AIM screename.

Display your Taste FLAVA.

(Not necessarily FAVORITES. Just in general and in no particular order):
10+ Bands:
*Jacks Mannequin
*The Stokes
*The Hives
*The Shout Out Louds
*My Chemical Romance
*No Doubt
*The Starting Line
*Tegan & Sarah
*Hot Hot Heat
*Taking Back Sunday
*Jimmy Eat World
*Something Corporate

3+Music Genres and Why: 1) Alternative: This is mostly what I listen to. I like it, because it's rock but its not really heavy or screamo. 2) Rap: It's good to dance too :]. 3) Classic Rock: I love classic rock, because it has a softer feel to it. And it's usually about happy things.

4+songs and Why:
*The World You Love by Jimmy Eat World. This song reminds me of all my friends
*I'm Just A Girl by No Doubt. I love all No Doubts' songs. There always fun to listen to & usually upbeat. This is just one of my favorites by them.
*I hope You dance. When I was driving from the church to the graveyard for my grandfathers funeral i turned on the radio. And this song played. It was a perfect moment.
*Into the Airwaves by Jacks Mannequin. I feel so calm when I listen to this song.

6+ Things that Bother you the most & Why:
*When I am in a fight with one of my bestfriends.
*People who spend their day taking pictures of themselves.
*People who say I have my parents, because they won't let them go to the mall or something stupid like that.
*George Bush: horrible president.
*When me & my mother fight.
*When I stain my clothes.

5 Favorite people/famous icons & why:
*Nicole Richie: She has the best fashion sense. I love everything she wears.
*Dave Chappelle: He is SO funny. I almost pee my pants everytime I watch his show.
*Nick Wheeler (guitarist from AAR): He is so effing beautiful.
*Marilyn Monroe: She was so beautiful. And such a good model. One of my idols.
*my mother, without her I wuld be so lost. I love her so much.

6 Things you want to do before you die & why:
*Live in Florida.
*Travel to LOndon or Paris.
*Spend a summer living on the beach.
*Be a mother.
*Go Pari-Sailing (I don't know how to spell it.)
*Go on a road trip to California.

4+Favorite Books:
*Far Away From HOme
*11 Secounds
*The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

4+ Favorite Character Traits of People:
*good sense of humor

2+ Personal Flaws:
*i'm self consious at times
*& I'm shy. I really wish I was more outgoing

2+ Things you like about yourself:
*I'm a good friend
*I live life to the fullest

5 things you like:
*styling hair

5 things you dislike:
*rude people

One favorite verse from a song, and how you interperet it.:

Look at the past forums list in the sidebar and tell us the first three forums you’d plan on commenting on if accepted. (If your accepted and don’t comment on them; you get kicked out.)
*Reccomended Tunes

How active in communities are you on a scale 1-10 8 maybe

How(or who) did you hear of us and what made you apply? I was just browsing LJ's and I found you.

Do you consider yourself intelligent? And why.: Yes. I've always done good ins chool without putting alot of effort in.

Display your Taste FAVS.

Actor & Actress: Kirsten Dunst. Adam Sandler.
Holiday: Christmas
Food: Chicken Tenders
Color: Yellow
Animal: Cats
Weapon: huh?
Sin: not sure about that one
Person in your life:: my mom

Share your Mind.

Write at least two sentences about each of the following topics. Be opinionated. Don’t say “idk”. Make sure to tell us your personal experiences and ideas.:
Animal abuse/Cruelty:I think it's horrible! Why would anyone ever want to hurt an animal? Pick on someone your on size dipshit.

Pre-marital sex: Most people don't wait until marriage anymore. I want to try to, but you never know.

Pornography: never seen one, never want to. But if you like it/like to make it fine by me. I won't judge you based on that.

Abortion (pro choice/life): IT's so wrong, if you just had unresponsible sex and dont want a baby. You have no right to murder your baby under those sercumstances. But if you were raped, that is a case where it is okay to have an abortion. Everyone deserves a chance to live.

Flag burning: If your drop it, it's the right thing to do. But if your doing it to show hatred towards another country thats stupid! Show them some respect at least.

Religion: My family is Catholic, but we arenot religious at all. I don't agree with everything that is in the bible. And I am not racist towards any other religions.

Poverty: I feel very bad for people who are poor that actually try to make there life better. By means of getting a job. But people who are poor because they spend all their money on drugs alchohol etc., i dont feel bad for them. They chose their to this path in life.

Capital Punishment: I'm torn on this one. If someone murders someone they should have capital punishment. But what if they really didn't do it? Then you kill them, you can never get them back to life. It's very risky.

Politics in General: I don't really follow politics. But I DO NOT like our president at all. I agree with almost nothing he has done since he's been in office.

Suggestions to improve this community: I can't think of anything, I like it's great how it is.

Why you think you should be accepted: I'll help promote you guys & stay active.

What comes to mind when you see…

Love: Heart
Hate: Death
Smoking: Lighters
Drinking: Parties
Bisexuality: Choice

This or That?

(Feel free to say why on any.)
Boxers or Briefs?: boxers
Thongs or Boyshorts?: boyshirts
A boy' kiss or a Girls Kiss?: boys'
Love poem or Necklace?: poem, it's more personal & romantic
Fat but pretty or skinny but ugly?: fat but pretty
Republican or Democrat: neither
Ren or Stimpy?: stimpy


If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why: harry pootter. i could fly on a broomstick & cast spells.

What three bands would you have play if you could host your own personal private concert: jack's mannequin, the shout out louds & the hives. best concert ever :]

Who do you admire?my sister.

Name 5 celebrities that are on your “OK to cheat with” list:
[001]colin farrel
[002]shaun white
[003]nick wheeler
[004]andrew mcmahon
[005]cha michael murray

What makes you:
[happy] my friedns/family
[angry] school
[sad] death

MAKE US LAUGH. Tell a joke, show us a funny pic, anything to make us smile:

flash games

What are some nostalgic memories?:


4+ Your face:

1 picture of Who you wish you looked like. (Tell why):
I think they are both gorgeous. And I love there sense of style. But I do think they're a little too skinny. But I love em.

2+ funny pictures (of you):

I'm on the left.

Artistic & Random Self PortrAIts.(no more than seven please, remember to resize it medium):
not sure if this is what you meant.

Suck Up

Suck up to the Mods (if you don't know who they are go here:
Claire: I love how she does her makeup, it looks so good on her.

Haley: I love all of her pictures, they're so cute & different. And I love her hair color.
Marjy: i wish my hair was that long. shes pretty
Jess: gorgeous! i like her natural look. and the backround on your LJ is SO CUTE

Praise the community: I really like this community its different. I feel like I'll be able to actually talk about my interests here with the other memebers.
Please post pictures for the following (if you don't know the code, google it and learn. If you don't, you'll be almost usless here):
Who are the crunkest members:


What member reminds you the most of yourself?

Which mod would you want to full body massage the most?ahah. umm. Claire Lyndsay.

Which member is not-so crunk?:i always get in trouble with meembers when I answer these kinds of questions. so pass.

1.) Make us a banner here, and if you’re Accepted get extra 90 points!:
2.) & Promote to 2 people. (Show links) + 90 points!:

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