Jay (your__goodbyes) wrote in the_real_crunk,

i'm a loser

I had an idea for a forum.

but i have no idea how i want to word my intro to it.

so i'll edit this when i find the right words.

Edit //

OK so i was driving to work today, and most of the roads here are country roads with no speed limit, and if they do have a posted speed limit its 55MPH. and everyone knows that. Driving infront of me was an old lady, who wasnt even going 35MPH. of course i was getting mad, because i was already late, plus she kept playing with her brakes. and i couldn't pass her because the roads were curvy, and there were solid lines.

something like this happens to me EVER day.

how do you guys feel about the elderly driving?
do you think that after you hit a certain age you should have to take the driving test again?
or do you think that after you hit a certain age you shouldn't be able to have a license anymore?
or just think that everything should stay the same?

i'll reply with my opinions.
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