dont_believe_x (dont_believe_x) wrote in the_real_crunk,


Okay. So basiaclly i love music.
And for my last Xmas my rich godparents got me
an ipod. Ever since ive been downloading
music left and right. I have about 950 songs
on my ipod (thats all that it lets me.)

Of course i havent paid for any of them.
Because if i had the total would probably be
950 dollars (for 99cent songs). I think thats insane.

I dont know any kid who is going to get their
parents to come sit at the computer and punch in
their credit card to buy songs for them.

So of course, everyone i know used limwire or Kasaa.
(and probably get viruses from it too.)

Basically my point is im starting a forum on music piracy.

( *piracy:
1. Robbery committed at sea.
2. A similar act of robbery, as the hijacking of an airplane.
2. The unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted or patented material: software piracy.
3. The operation of an unlicensed, illegal radio or television station.)

Yeah. People argue that the music industry is losing money.
Is supporting your already rich artist worth a dollar a song?
Shouldnt the real artists be in it for the music?

*see my opions in comments*
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